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Love, Prosperity, and Magical Essence

Hello Readers. It’s day four of my “Open Mailbox Project.” You gotta read this one.

Where Ann began sounds like soooo many of the people who write to me asking for help. Through this journey Ann manifested Prosperity, Romance, and her Magical Essence. I want you to read this and see what’s possible for you…


Ann Rusnak

“Sorry Morgana… this is going to be a little long…

First I wanted to share how Financial Alchemy really changed my life…

Right before you and your program came into my life,
I was getting depressed and suicidal again.

I was really tired of living this way and feeling desperate. It seem no matter what I did, how much therapy I went through, when it came to money, nothing changed.

We were experiencing major financial setbacks… bankruptcy was looking like
a good option.  No matter what we made, financial chaos ruled our
lives. I’m also very unhappy in my business…

Now you came into my life, while I began to notice some improvements, our financial
situation really didn’t improve… I soon fired my Money Honey when
this incredible sexy french man showed up.

I wanted him to stay and asked him what I needed to do… he said close your
business… I balked… we could barely make ends meet let alone get rid of
outstanding debt and he’s asking me to close down a source of income.

What happened next can only be described as Incredible.

What I thought would be a one year break before I would start another business… turned
into 2 years.

As my relationship with my money honey grew, so did the
relationship with myself… I became more and more comfortable with ME.

I learned to trust and let go…. Trusted that when the time is right,
everything would fall into place to launch A R Success. Which happened this April.

During these two years every one of our financial needs got met plus some.

We paid off our home… wiped out every one of our outstanding bill except
one which will be gone this year, put money away in savings, rebuilding
our investments, put a new roof on the house, plus much more.

Our finances are in order and treated with respect. My relationship with
hubby is fantastic… like we’re dating all over again. People compliment
me with remarks like I seem so happy, so at peace… they noticed the

Not only am I experience this incredible love affair with Antoine, but also
with myself… thanks to your revised material.

I’m ready to play bigger and don’t want to decide between a new garage
or Bali 🙂

I feel so good about the direction I’m going in… business will be different
this time… I can’t wait to see how many lives I turn around. I can’t wait
to see people embrace their true M.E. (Magical Essence)… start having great
‘ME’ affairs.”

Ann Rusnak


PS. Magical Essence is Trademarked by Ann. Clever, isn’t it?

  1. Ben says:

    Wow, that is an inspiring story.

    It’s interesting how sometimes what happens may seem like something negative and you can’t see the reason why, but when things rearrange then it ends up being positive in the end.

    It is like I left my job because of a pretty serious thing happening and me getting hurt, it was pretty bad at the time and took a while to get over it, but then I realized it was an opportunity to go in a more positive direction, the job I was in was really bad for me and dragging me down. Now I feel much more positive and relaxed working on my own business and not having to deal with crazy people anymore. 🙂


  2. Ann Rusnak says:

    WOW Morgana… I just caught this post.

    I can’t thank you enough for what your program did for my life.

    Personally, I think you and financial alchemy deserve some kind of Nobel prize.

  3. Khali says:

    Amazing! What I would like to know is where did the money suddenly come from to keep you going for two years without working? What actually happened?

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