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You’re not here on earth to impress anyone but yourself

Yesterday I took a walk with my daughter on the peak of Signal Hill, where we had a panoramic view of the mountains to one side and the Pacific ocean on the other.

My daughter and I were talking about fear: how do we know the difference between the fear you want to stop you (the “don’t climb into that alligator tank” fear) and the fear you want to feel and move forward anyway, cause it’s the excitement of growing bigger and stepping into your dream. There’s also a third option, a middle ground that allows you to say, “I don’t have to push myself that hard today. Maybe a smaller step is better.”

You will go farther, faster, with kind-to-yourself baby steps than brutally pushing yourself to your limits when you don’t have to.

We do not make our best decisions under duress. That’s why I love to follow the path of “What is the easiest, most pleasurable path to achieve my biggest results?” (Seriously: the second half of my new January 23, 2023 “Financial Alchemy” book, the “Twelve Months of Magic & Manifestation” half, is 100% based on that principle, using a system I originally built for myself.)

I’ve noticed there’s a fetishization of “get out of your comfort zone” in my industry. You will not be surprised that I have some thoughts on this.

  1. New experiences are fantastic for your brain and your life happiness. They also trigger excitement and adrenaline, which can feel like anxiety.
  2. The more you make a game out of taking safe, small, desired steps outside your comfort zone, the more comfortable you become with the sensation, and the bigger your world becomes.
  3. There are also times when life itself puts you so far outside your comfort zone that it’s not the right time to play that game.
  4. You’re not here on earth to impress anyone but yourself, baby. Choose the challenges and experiences that turn YOU on. Not your parents. Not your peers. Not even your coach.

I think it might be more useful to fetishize fun and flexibility first. It’s really time to toss out that sadistic “no pain, no gain” belief system.

1) Fun

Why is fun important? Fun is aliveness! Fun is inspiration and flow. Fun is what happens when you are being your most authentically YOU: true to yourself, in your genius zone. It’s one of my 3 Pillars for every business decision: 1) must be fun, 2) must help others, 3) must pay me well.

2) Flexibility

A coach friend of mine once suggested we get excited about obstacles, because obstacles ONLY happen when we’re on our path to a goal.

Think about that. It’s true, isn’t it?

Obstacles are a great opportunity to find a better way. Or at the very least, a way that wants to happen. Detours can be magical. We can fight them or we can partner with them… sort of like the Universe is tapping on your shoulder and saying, “turn here.”

And behind everything, be kind to yourself. When you make a decision to feel your fear and take action, is that decision coming from self love? Self love is the green light. When in doubt, ask your Money Honey.

This is the sensibility behind my new, updated, enhanced 10-year Anniversary Special Edition of my “Financial Alchemy” book coming out January 23.

The new book is ALL about kindness to yourself, and taking the easiest path to the biggest results.

The new book will be the same price, but it will be even better, and it’ll come with lots of bonus gifts when you buy on Book Launch Day… followed by a live Q&A with me in February for my book launch buyers.

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