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How I Manifested my New House

Today’s homework is coffee on Rodeo Drive

On Rodeo Drive

There’s a back story to this homework. Let me explain…

Here is the wild, weird, and totally true story behind my move (with my husband) from Long Beach to Los Angeles:

A couple months ago I was chatting with a coach friend, and I asked him to ask his ‘spiritual guides’ what their message to me was about up-leveling my business. The message was “hang out in a coffee shop on Rodeo Drive.” I thought, “I love that idea! But there’s no freaking way I’m driving 2 hours through traffic for a cup of coffee.” I quickly filed that idea away under “not gonna happen.” A week later we were moving back to Los Angeles, 5 minutes from Rodeo Drive.

This is especially weird because there is nothing I enjoy less than moving, and neither my husband nor I wanted to leave Long Beach. (We still don’t want to leave Long Beach, and we’ve already left.) Devin and I LOVE our lives in Long Beach. Yoga in the park every morning. Swimming in the ocean. Fruit trees, friends, and an endless stream of feral cat visitors to feed (and name). That said, it’s always been in the back of mind that Devin’s mother, who still lives in Los Angeles, will need us close by some day. Even if she’s fine now, we need to be ready…

Anyhoo, back to the story: 4 days after the Rodeo Drive message I was chatting with another friend who mentioned something about “Mama Earth energy.”

As soon as I heard the words ‘Mama Earth’ I had an extremely negative reaction: In my mind’s eye I saw a giant spider monster that wanted to devour me. Unresolved mom stuff, obviously! (My violent, estranged mother died last November.) It was time to slay a Bad Mother Monster, a specific variation of a Love Monster that wanted to kill me.

I slayed the monster, met my new Money/Love/Life Honey in full force (this is a good one!) and got his new message for me: “make things EASY.” (The obvious follow up being to take at look at goals and tasks and challenges and ask myself, “what would make this easy?”)

In the spirit of ease, it made sense to me to do my friend Michael Stratford’s Perceive Process™:

1) I imagined myself radiating all my potential life paths around me like spokes on a wheel with me as the hub. Every variation of life path was represented by a line, and all the lines spread out around me in a big circle.

2) I felt for the more user-friendly life path, and I noticed how one line representing a life path lit up and had a color.

3) I stepped on to that more user-friendly life path, and noticed how it felt.

Instant Manifestation

At that very moment my husband stuck his head in the door and said, “My mother just called. The tenants from the townhouse on Olympic just gave their notice, and Mom wants to know if you want it.” (I have a tendency to manifest things very fast.)

I shocked us both by saying yes. We were unlikely to have a better opportunity to move back to be with his mom. It was time, and apparently the user-friendly life path I just picked was sending us back to Los Angeles.

I still argued with my Money Honey about it, looked for an escape clause, and I kept coming back to the answer that we were moving to LA.

Side note: I had tried to rent this very townhouse at full market price a decade ago. Now the same townhouse was being gifted to us.

We’re keeping the Long Beach house; it rented instantly to a dream tenant.

I do hope we’ll move back to Long Beach some day (I miss it!), but for now it’s clear that Los Angeles is what wants to happen, for reasons we think we know, and for reasons that will be revealed.

I had my Rodeo Drive coffee and croissant this morning, and I made some very interesting new friends…


  1. Doug Weinfield says:

    I’m going to drop a story here. About 15 years ago I did a workshop with Morgana (couldn’t afford to/didn’t have time to do any more work at that time-hectic life, difficult external circumstances). I tried doing some of the Money Honey and Money Monster work, and then didn’t think about it any more.

    Two weeks later I received a four-figure check from out of nowhere (low four figures, but still…). I was shocked down to my toes!

    Morgana’s the real deal.

    1. Morgana says:

      Wow! Amazing!

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