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Gratitude Challenge Day 1

Gratitude Challenge

I think Jacqueline Hadden nominated me a few weeks ago, and I was soooo busy getting married and honeymooning (still am) that I didn’t get around to *formally* participating.

Fairy Tale Wedding at Bled Castle

* I’m so thankful for my fairytale wedding at Bled Castle, on top of the mountain (official photos and videos coming soon), with the sparkling lake below (and we had sunshine!!!!)… the wedding vows, the Slovenian Marriage Act, the Mayor of Bled, the Registar, the Translator, our wedding coordinator Petra Cuk (the BEST wedding coordinator on Slovenia), and my husband. Wow!

Bled Castle 2


Treehouse at Garden Village

* I’m grateful to have stayed in the Treehouse at Garden Village, dined in their green restaurant. Thank you to Garden Village for gifting us that spectacular wedding dinner, and a great, fun, unique tiny house living experience.

Green Village Treehouse Green Village Treehouse entrance

Our Venetian Honeymoon Suite

* I can’t believe where we’re staying in Venice, Italy. It’s like living in a Venetian palace. Our windows open on to the canal. And I get to share all of this with my husband.

VeniceCaDogaressa VeniceCaDogaressaRoomView VeniceCaDogaressa2  VeniceCaDogaressaWashroom

Deepest Dream Fulfilled

* My deepest dream and longing, for most of my life, was for my partner, my soul mate, my beloved. I’ve dreamed of traveling the world with the love of my life, and now I am! He’s beautiful, romantic, affectionate, smart, talented, fun, kind, a great dad, resourceful, and he came up with the 100 Weddings idea. Heck, I wasn’t even expecting to get married 1 time this year!

Wedding In Dubrovnik








I challenge Cara Calloway Worle, Virginia Orgonista, and Caren Rich to record 7 days of gratitude, and nominate 3 people a day.

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