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Feeling grateful… and a true story

Today I’m feeling grateful.
It’s been a really good week…
I enrolled the final woman for next month’s Goddess retreat in Bali.
I spoke at the Expert Insights Book awards, won a $13,500 publishing
prize (giving it to my husband), and I received a big award from
Senator Omer L Rains for my contribution to the economic education
and empowerment of women around the world. (See pic below.)
Grateful for award with Senator Omer L Rains

Wow! Lots to be grateful for!

(And life was pretty terrific before all these bonuses.)
I also received a letter from a client, about the magical power of gratitude… and I thought you might find it useful, so I’m sharing it with you, here:
“I was walking out of the grocery store earlier and just took a few minutes to say a ‘thank you’ to the universe for the amazing food that I was able to buy, for the car I have to drive home, and my amazing family I am able to feed.
A few weeks I found myself starting to get into that complaining mode….  And complaining when I should be thankful.  For example – I would find myself saying ‘oh we only had X money for our bank deposit today?  That is small’;  or ‘We only had X many orders yesterday… that is not very great’; or ‘ I have to buy bread AGAIN’.  Those little statements that lead to the slow and insidious spiral – but I caught myself and turned it around.
And the funny thing about my small little thank you’s:  I got back to my office and had a phone call out of the blue for a new client and  I also had an email for a green light on a project that I quoted over a month ago!
I didn’t have gratitude with any motive in mind, but was truly grateful for how easy I have it and how I am genuinely happy!
Miss you  – love you!!! And thank you for you!!”
Now, there are times in life when it’s not so easy to grateful. I do not believe
it’s appropriate to try to force gratitude on someone who is suffering. (That’s just rude and insensitive.)
But if you can come up with anything worthy of a little love and appreciation in your life, I invite you to give yourself the gift of gratitude. It’s good for you and the life you want to create.


What are YOU grateful for? Please post below!





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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...