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Destination: Transformation

Wizard Academy

Your Destination is Transformation

Success Tip: Leave home for a Bigger, Faster Breakthrough.

I attended 3 out of town Masterminds over the last week. And I have 2 more out of town events next week. Even for me that’s a bit much!

My brain, my heart, and my world feel so much bigger as a result.

Big Picture Perspective

Have you ever had that experience of watching your brain spin in circles? Kind of like being a goldfish in a bowl… every time you try to come up with a new idea, you find yourself facing the familiar.

The world looks smaller and smaller, confined to what you already know.


Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the moment we get away and go somewhere new, we get an instant Big Picture perspective on life and business.

Neuroscience has shown that new experiences and learning new things actually GROWS our grey matter–creating new neural connections and making us smarter, more creative, and happier.

That’s why I lead my Ultimate Money Goddess Retreat in far away Bali. The location supports and magnifies the impact of my coaching.

It also interrupts negative habits and patterns we’ve set up at home.

The iconic 20th Century philosopher/physicist Buckminster Fuller said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.”

If you’re feeling stuck, I recommend you get out of town.

Associate with Success

And if you can hang out with people who think bigger than you do, and are more successful than you are, that’s even better. Because Big Thinkers multiply your possibilities.

That’s what I did last week. Twice. First I ran away to Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas. (My first time in Texas, woo hoo!)


Because after 20 years as a Mentor Coach (I’ve been the mentor to the mentors), I NEED an environment where I don’t feel like “the grownup in the room.” And in the group above, I totally was NOT the big fish. It was fantastic! My brain feels bigger.

And I made FRIENDS with people who make my world feel bigger. And many of them attended my 16th wedding to Devin, this one officiated by my coach Alex Mandossian. My heart feels bigger.


And then I hopped a plane to Oakland for a smaller group, a really personal mastermind of 10 coaches with multi-6 and 7-fig businesses, sharing our vulnerabilities, challenges, and getting/giving guidance on our next game-changer. My spirit feels bigger

Then I drove to Eagle Rock for some hard core technology guidance… so that my impact can be bigger.

You really can’t do this, sitting alone at home.


PS: I know this is short notice… but you are invited to JOIN ME in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 21,  for an all-day “Make More Money by Leading With Love” event.

I guarantee you will be surrounded by a community of seekers and growers and leaders like yourself.

Make More Money by Leading With Love - Phoenix





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