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How do you go from debt to abundance?


Here’s the full question that came in:

“How does one go from no job, difficulty finding one, lack of financial means to start a business and debt to abundance in a short amount of time. and then you get more lack….but when the need is quite serious, what do you do?”

Let me tell you a story about my client Athena Burke. (I can share this because she’s shared her story openly when introducing me on a couple of teleclasses.)

When she first came to me, she was in dire straights: no money, deeply in debt, two small children, and an unhappy marriage. She described feeling trapped and hopeless.

I don’t know how Athena heard about me, but she went to my website and read all my free articles and listened to all my free teleclasses (like many of you today). Then in September 2008 she decided she had to hire me.

You can imagine how scary this was! For both of us! But I trusted she knew what was right for her, so I took her on as a client, and we changed her relationship with money.

Things improved enough that she enrolled in my coach training program and flew to Beverly Hills.

By April that year–ONLY SIX MONTHS after our first coaching session–she was making more money than she had ever made in her life! She was charging thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of dollars for her services, and she had more clients than she could fit on her schedule. AND she was divorced from her husband, and she had the freedom to stay at home with her children while making a fortune.

Do you want to know her secret? Cause it’s a good one!

She takes daily walks with her Money Honey. She connectsdeeply, on a romantic, sexy, and spiritual level with her Money Honey–her NEW relationship with money-as-a-person. And she’s gone through the Financial Alchemy process TWELVE TIMES!

She walks with her Money Honey and she asks him what he wants her to do. And she does it.

Her Money Honey tells her what to charge. Her Money Honey tells her what programs to offer her clients. Then he tells her return her focus to writing and performing music. Her Money Honey tells her to book a luxury “Moneymoon” suite for two weeks in Florida, or to write a book about her spiritual journey, and she does it.

  • Create a new relationship with money.
  • Ask your “Money Honey” what he (or she) wants you to do.
  • Do it from a place of love and gratitude and service, but do it!
  • Keep deepening and recommitting to your new relationship with a Money Honey who loves you and demands the best you have to give to the world.

If Athena could do it, and I could do it, (and many many many many others) the same potential holds true for you, too.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...