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Top 5 Life Lessons from Buying My First House!

I’m going to share something totally personal. There’s something
that for many years felt out of my reach–too big, scary, grown-up,
risky… and all of sudden I’m actually doing it.

I’m buying my first house.

back yard Morgana's new plac

Holy heck!

Now that I’m married, setting down roots and actually owning
something long term makes sense to me. But it’s still scary!

And not without cost.

The down payment alone is 6-figures, and I still think
I’m getting a great deal.

Add to the mix that I LOVE where I currently live–
my house, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my
proximity to everything… I’m already grieving for what I’ll
be leaving.

But it’s the right decision. And I’m learning a lot.

Top 5 Big Life Lessons from buying my first house house:

1) Act FAST.
I didn’t even know that I was serious about buying a house until I saw the
one I wanted. I knew it was a hot market, so I didn’t hesitate to secure a real
estate agent. If I’d waited a day longer to make an offer, the house would be gone…
I still got into a bidding war with another buyer. The lesson: trust your
gut and take action immediately.
Nobody on earth is guaranteed another day
or a second chance.

2) Factor in the C.O.R. (Cost of Regret)
My first offer was rejected, so I came back with an offer slightly OVER
the seller’s counter request. I decided that regret–if I lost this house–was an
expense I wasn’t willing to risk.

3) Do what GROWS you.
I hate moving. It’s soooo hard! I avoid it like the plague. I’m waking up
in the middle of the night with dread! But this move will grow me. I choose growth.
The alternative is decay. And in my experience my life and my business grow every
time I make the “grow-y” choice.

4) Hire an expert
I couldn’t do this without an excellent real estate agent. I don’t
have a clue what I’m doing in this arena! Her advice has protected
me, saved me money, and got me what I wanted.

5) Be a person
Here’s what I think really clinched the deal, because there was
another buyer whose money is just as green as mine… I wrote a
love letter to the seller. I recognized how much he loves this house.
It’s really a work of art. I shared my story (100 weddings in 100 countries)
and why coming home to the inviting, beautiful, and
romantic home he created matters so much to me.

Escrow doesn’t close until April. I still have inspections
and a myriad of hoops to jump and other things to do that I’ve never
done before. And I don’t have time for any of this!

With my current media tour, a mastermind, my Bali Money Goddess retreat, and running my business,  I really don’t have the time for this move.

And that’s not stopping me. Cause I know in my heart this is the right thing to do
for my future.

===> When something’s worth doing, issues of time, money, and convenience
are just the universe’s way of testing who you want to be.

To the fulfillment of the dreams that grow you,

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