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“Can I bring in large sums of money to me?”



“Can I bring large sums of money to me? I feel like it’s trickling in, instead of raining like millions and thousands.”

This is one of the Burning Questions that came in from my readers. My answer to the questions: “That depends.”  First you have to discover what’s holding you back.

There are four places to look:

1) inner game, primarily your subconscious relationship with money

2) necessary knowledge

3) right action

4) patience and persistence

None of these elements is good enough on its own. I hear from people all the time who’ve seen the Secret and believe all they have to do is think good thoughts to get what they want. Good luck.

I know half the people in that film, and they are the most relentlessly hard working people you’ll ever meet. They never stop. 

A healthy mindset and heartset are essential, but not enough. For all those clients who see money fall into their lap very quickly after our first session, this is still a RECIPROCAL relationship. If you don’t see the results you want, change your relationship with money and ask your new “Money Honey” what’s going on. What does he (or she) say? Money’s not here to rescue you, especially from yourself. But if you’re really loving and responsive to your Money Honey, miracles are fairly typical.

I’ve worked with some outrageously wealthy people, either as mentors or clients. They each started humbly and worked their asses off.

One of these clients told me that ‘she knew how to make money, but it was painful. After Financial Alchemy it was fun.’ After changing her relationship with money, she was able to sell her company and devote herself to her real passion. But she worked very hard, faced a lot fears, made a lot of mistakes, and survived the setbacks before she got to the place that allows her to ONLY do what she really wants to do.

At the same time I’ve attracted clients who were working themselves to death. I had to FORBID them from doing half (or more) of the things on their to-list! Doing the right stuff is invigorating and produces results. Doing the wrong stuff, or doing the right stuff at the wrong time, will burn you out and set you back. Burn out is not attractive to your Money Honey. These are the people he tells to ‘Go play.’

When I was working with my billionaire mentor, the strategy that surprised me most was his extraordinairy patience. It took him twenty years to piece together a property that’s worth over $100,000,000. That’s right: one home is worth over a hundred million dollars. If you saw it, you’d see that’s a low estimate. And it’s only one of his five homes. It took him twenty years. I should also mention he LOVES Financial Alchemy!

This is why I say Financial Alchemy is just the tip of the iceberg. Your relationship with money is that essential piece that makes everything else work better. But it’s just the beginning. I only start with money because it’s the #1 excuse for not living your dreams.

When that’s handled, then we get to play with all the other stuff.

And if you really want to find out how to speed up the trickle and make it a gush, ask your Money Honey what to do.

P.S. I’ve NEVER done a Financial Alchemy session without relationship, romance, business, confidence, and/or self-worth issues coming to the forefront! Unfortunately I don’t get to follow up on these challenges with most clients.

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