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Be Better, not Cheaper

Be better, not cheaper. Some coaches tear clients down instead of giving them the tools to fulfill their greatest potential. Other coaches turn that around.

Check out this quick save from my client Jennifer Hales Poulson:

“My client who asked me to speak at a retreat she’s hosting next week in Puerto Rico, shared with me that her biz coach told her she would never pay $2500 to attend her retreat. It crushed her, and she immediately began lowering the price of the retreat, telling people who had signed up that she’d refund them the difference…all without letting me know until I saw it posted on social media. Of course, the energy of the event plummeted as she panicked about her worth! We worked together and got the energy repaired, and in the process I felt SO GRATEFUL that WE have an amazing mentor whose divine purpose on this earth is to love, lift & inspire us to know our worth and step into our gifts and then share them with the world, trusting the right people will find us and WANT to invest in themselves to receive what we have to offer. THANK YOU MORGANA!!!”

Morgana Rae with Jennifer Poulson

(Jennifer and I in Bali, earlier this year)

I’m sharing this today, because it makes me mad when a coach tells a client that her contribution isn’t valuable, instead of guiding that client to make her offer more valuable!

==> If this has happened to you, fire that coach.

Let me be clear: not everything you offer has to be high ticket.

I deeply believe that transformation should be available to everyone, regardless of financial circumstance. (That’s why I put out so much free and low fee content every week.)

And then there are the programs and services we offer that are not for
the masses. Where we can give the highest level of personal attention, relationship, and impact. This is something special. Don’t undervalue yourself there–either as the service provider or the client.

(I call this my “small is the new big” philosophy, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. You can read that HERE.)

Focus on being better, not cheaper.


When in doubt, give more value instead of slashing prices. You and your clients will be happier.

To your abundance and prosperity,


PS. Most of the women who go with me to Bali end up leading their own
transformational destination retreats, too. I’m thrilled.

I want  them to bring their own brand of transformation to their people,
and be handsomely rewarded for helping others.


  1. Mary Franz says:

    Thank-you for sharing this example of how our personal, limiting beliefs around the relationship with money can be transferred to clients. This is a solid reminder for self-awareness.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...