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“How do you attract money when you NEED it?”

Morgana Money cropHere’s the question that came in:

How do you attract money when you really, really “need” it (as in, you could lose your home if it doesn’t come quickly)….as opposed to just desiring more? My understanding is “need” represents “lack” and then you get more “lack”….but when the need is quite serious, what do you do?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say sometimes you really, really need money, and you NEED it quickly! To pretend everything’s cool–when your house is about to go on the block–is insane.

You wouldn’t believe how many people try to hire me so I can waive my magic wand, fix their mindset and make their problems go away “poof!”  They watched “The Secret” and read some books that told them to create vision boards, raise their vibrations and tithe (all good stuff); but they don’t want to get serious about their business!

Since you asked what I do, I’ll tell you: I ask my “Money Honey” (my tall, dark, handsome personification of money who happens look a lot like Clive Owen these days).

I’ll say, “Money, I’m feeling anxious. What do you want me to do so I can feel less anxious?”

Here’s the #1 answer that comes back: “Be creative.”

What if your money said that to you?

I’ll tip my hand here. At different times being creative has looked like

  • have a sale
  • send out an email
  • create a product (or create THAT product I’ve been putting off)
  • create a new class
  • say yes to trying something different and scary
  • say no to things I’ve been doing, like undercharging.

These answers don’t look magical, but my results have been miraculous.

The answer to your dilemna can be so obvious that you don’t even see it. The bottom line in business always comes down to this: the problem you solve has to be bigger than the money you charge. And your customer has to know it. That’s YOUR responsibility.

A positive mindset is not enough. You have to HELP your money come to you.

EDUCATE yourself on business, branding, marketing, and the skills you need to help your customers. The more you know, the more flexibility and opportunities you have to attract money when you need it.

I know this advice may feel like it’s coming a little late when your house is about to go into foreclosure. You MUST talk to your money!!! What does your money need in order to come to you?

The clients who see the most magic and synchronicity are the ones who aren’t willing to sit around and wait for magic and synchronicity. Ironic, isn’t it?

  1. Spot on, accurate advice! You nailed it on every point. The Law of Attraction is real and works but if you just sit on your butt and visualize prosperity, eventually they’ll reposses your furniture. Action always has to follow intention and visualization.

    1. Anand says:

      Great said

  2. Annie says:

    So from July 2009 to Jan 2011 … 🙂

    When you really NEED money, your money says “Be creative …” huh? Well I mostly wholeheartedly agree …

    I especially like where you remind us that “the problem you solve has to be bigger than the money you charge” – so that you and paying customers can be in no doubt that what you offer has true value. Of course it helps to know what problem/s you are able to solve – and to be sure that you ARE ABLE to solve it!

    My one concern (my ‘yes but’!) is that once you’re that close to foreclosure on your home – or even worse you’ve already reached that point or maybe you’ve defaulted on your credit cards etc. and can’t make even the mimimum payments any more and are credit blacklisted … you are really up a creek without a paddle … The anxiety then can become so great that creativity is all but strangled and shut down.

    Creativity feeds on passion and excitement, a muse – a sense of fun – all sorts – but it shrivels when deep anxiety takes hold.

    The irony is that if you plan to take a class or put on a workshop or whatever in order to bring in much needed dinero, you need the said dinero in the first place to fund the upfront costs of all these things! And if you can’t get credit, you have to live within your means. And if that means either paying for class/room hire or buying food to eat – what are you gonna choose?

    You could take a leap of faith and invest in the course … but is that foolhardy? Okay, so you can ask your money honey … but what if you haven’t managed to find a money honey yet? what if you’re still waist deep in money monsterville and just can’t seem to zap it? (or zip it!) 😉

    Yeah this can present an opportunity to be creative too – if you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone and you have an idea/venture that inspires people, and you can write in a way that inspires people too, you can invite people to invest in you – I’ve done it and been amazed at the response …. so I know it can be done.

    And I’d say there’s a limit to how often you can do that unless you can guarantee a very fast turnround ROI.

    So of course, ideally you want to get your ideas, your creativity, your resources and support in place BEFORE you hit the bottom. Aaanndd – that doesn’t always happen.I

    Of course I’m not advocating just sitting on your tushbutt and wait for magic and synchronicity (although a coach once said to me “Annie, your greatest gift is your ability to do nothing ..” and she meant it as a compliment!!!!)

    Morgana, passionate and compassionate and magical Morgana, I concur with the money hon’s advice to “be creative ..” – it’s just that in certain contexts it can sound a little glib. Sometimes it takes an enormous effort of will and inner strength and vulnerability along with the humility to ask for help, in order to be in the position to implement that creativity & make things happen.

    Ah, here’s a poser to ponder, I wonder how fine/how wide – is the line between “rescue” and “investment”? Who is to say what is life-giving facilitation and support and what is encouragement of butt-sitting and inertia?

    And thus a comment became an article … bon weekend!

  3. Morgana Rae says:

    Bon weekend, Annie.

    Enormous effort of will, inner strength, vulnerability, and humility to ask for help are GOOD things. They grow us and teach us skills that make us more powerful, useful, and happy.

    There comes a time–called adulthood– when we are all ultimately 100% responsible for our lives. If not us, then who?

    Take a look at the “I can’t” people and the “How can I?” people in your life. They get very different results. Even if one course of action is unrealistic — then find an alternative, and don’t complain about it!


  4. Annie says:


    The warmth is most welcome – is a chilly day in London!

    Yep “How can I?” mode certainly brings more productive results. I say mode because I know myself to have both ways of being. Sometimes I’m a creative and resourceful, productive “How can I?” person and sometimes – especially if I’m feeling exhausted and unsupported, I can slip down into the depths of “I can’t ..”

    Yes, you’re right, Enormous effort of will, inner strength, vulnerability, and humility to ask for help are GOOD things.

    Humility is a curious beast though: I just looked it up because I was thinking I used to give humility a bad rap – that I used to “confuse” it with timidity, submissiveness, diffidence, gullibility – stupid enough and meek enough to believe anything.

    An lo when I looked it up the synonyms I found were ‘lowliness, meekness, submissiveness’ – not qualities I’d put great store by. However the definition was “the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own opinion or rank etc.” ….

    … which again might seem like an insult – it certainly would make my saboteur kick off and have a tantrum – my saboteurs don’t like the word “humble” either!

    And yet, of course as you point to, humility, humbleness and vulnerability are also great gateways to being unattached, to being open, to learning, to growth, open to receiving, to being empowered etc. So yes it’s a funny old word, humility – its definition really is all in the perspective! 🙂

    Yes, I agree that with adulthood comes taking responsibility for ourselves – bien sur.

    And … (should we name me Annie the And?) – I believe that even adults do better with nurturing companionship and support. Hence the needs for friendship, families and community. (oh, and Honeys too!)

    I have a little saying – “nobody should have to carry their own bags” – (or at least not all of them)

    if we all help to carry each other’s bags, then all the bags get shared and carried and we all get to feel that we’re supported.

    Annie x

    1. Jessica Sage says:

      It sounds like you’ve totally missed the point of this article, Annie, although you did touch on it in your original comment.

      Creativity is about getting out of your comfort zone. In order to create a new shift in income you have to shift your actions — thus step into some form of creativity.

      Any spiritual entrepreneur who has had their back up against a wall (financially. or up the creek with no paddle) with NO Plan B (aka a day job) would absolutely consult their intuitive, thus conjuring up something delicious and 100% in alignment with their Soul, offer it to their prospective clients, thereby CREATING some form of income.

      But that requires stepping out of the comfort zone, not wallowing in the “How can I’s”, and getting to the core of what’s in the Highest Good of All.

  5. Sunith Kumar says:

    Hi mam,
    am from India. Recently i have started MLM Business. this company is well reputed.
    but am not able to make money out of it. i have attended many traning people downline to be in also not so active.
    i need help..

    thanking you
    Sunith Kumar

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hello Sunith. MLM’s are not for everyone. I suggest you do the work of transforming your inner relationship with money (download my audio class mp3) and work with your new personified Money to discover what you’re really here to do.

  6. Thanks for discussing your ideas with this blog. Additionally, a fairy tale regarding the finance institutions intentions any time talking about property foreclosures is that the financial institution will not take my payments. There is a degree of time that this bank is going to take payments in some places. If you are way too deep in the hole, they will commonly desire that you pay the particular payment entirely. However, i am not saying that they will have any sort of payments at all. In the event you and the financial institution can manage to work something out, the actual foreclosure course of action may cease. However, should you continue to miss out on payments within the new system, the foreclosed process can just pick up where it was left off.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome, Hobert.

  7. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website

  8. Nico says:

    Is it really necessary to create a Money Honey and talk to him? I mean, can’t we talk to God, to our inner source? I always received answers to my questions and is true i never asked a question like, how can I make money, because I though is not ok.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Nico. In answer to your question, whether it’s necessary to believe in a Money Honey, it depends. Do whatever works for you. It’s ALL God and Inner Source. I only call it my “money honey” because money is an aspect of life that needs my love, compassion and respect.

  9. kate says:

    love your response on Need Money but there Morgana– you have a magic wand–! you have one in promo photos so of course we believe you WILL WAVE IT!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You make a very good point, Kate. Which is why my new website’s going to look a little different… 😉

  10. Steve says:

    Aww. I love that photo of you with the wand. As a King Arthur fan, it really speaks to me about the magic of what you do.

  11. Janet says:

    I often get this question myself. When I tell people that I use a Money Honey, they don’t quite believe that it is possible to get all of your answers from within. The truth is that it is possible; even in extremely difficult situations where you are about to suffer huge losess or other tauma; it could be your marriage is about to dissolve, your about to lose your house, or you have been diagnosed with an illness. It is about believing in yourself so strongly that the answer that you get from your Money Honey, the universe, God (whatever you call it) is the only answer that makes sense to you and it is the answer that you choose.
    People think that I have a magic wand or special powers that allows me to make these kind of choices for myself but they can’t. The secret is that I have a Money Honey.

  12. Justine says:

    First, THANK YOU Morgana for all that you do 🙂 Here’s something new for me: What do you do about dating someone (who I care about deeply) who has a money monster? I refuse to believe his statements (put-downs) about why he’s not ‘successful’ – I believe he is successful – but his definition of success – or his reality is not where he wants to be… that’s a good thing about his ambition… It’s just hard to witness someone not satisfied with his ‘position’ in life.

    I’ve learned to appreciate and respect my money – and I’m moving along with my work (teaching full-time) and was honored a fellowship (which is great since I’m working on new curriculum and getting compensated for it)… I’m looking into buying property too… I just want his relationship with money to be on the same level with mine OR even better. I will not be sucked into his belief system – because I have more faith in my money than he does with his.

    Thanks and blessings again!

  13. Harry Husted says:


    I just wanted to say I am so happy to have met you. You really have inspired me and have helped me to reach new heights. Every time I read your email and articles, I feel drawn closer to you. I look to you as a loving friend that cares. For that I will be eternally grateful.

    Keep up the good work and keep on shining like the sun. One day soon I will reciprocate all the good things you have done for me. Take care.

  14. Roberta says:

    You have helped me to shift gears to know that while I enjoy teaching and helping others I cannot do that if I cannot meet my business expenses.
    I asked my money honey how can I sell my CDs and attract more students.
    The answer I received was, “be yourself”.
    It seemed like a strange answer, but then I remembered I say that a lot to my clients and students. At this point I am paying better attention to my own vibrations.
    One of the things I like about what you write and your videos — I hear you speaking from your heart, the place of true knowledge.

  15. Vince says:

    Hi Morgana

    Thanks so much for the 20th June coaching call.
    The #1 takeaway for me has been that instead of dutifully checking in with my MH daily, she is now with me (nearly) all the time. She has an outrageous sense of humour and has made my daily routine spring into life.

    I’m not getting answers on where the cash is coming from yet – in fact, since she came on the scene, I was handed a pay cut which made both of us angry and has inspired me to look for something new. But I’m sure she will guide me at the right time. I am getting the “WAIT” message not only from her but from other guidance processes I use so at least it is consistent.

  16. Eva says:

    Thinking of money has given me panic attacks for so long now and I have now realized that it all started after I got married 22 years ago. Before that time, money came quite easily to me. After I got married and then pregnant, everything changed with money…the scarcity began. And now, all those years later, I am still working hard and in the midst of going through bankruptcy which is horrifying to me.
    I have been listening to your webinars about killing the money monster and if the fear is still there, the monster is not gone. I’ll go through the killing of the monster and feel that he is gone and then an hour later, the fear returns.
    I turned 60 this year and really want this fear to be gone…have done all the LOA affirmations, properity games, you name it…and still I am where I am. I hope that your guidance will be what finally enables me to get rid of the fear.
    Thank you Morgana.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Eva. To keep the fear away, you MUST replace your monster with your new Money Honey. Otherwise you just leave an empty space to be filled by a monster. The new relationship REPLACES the fear.

      If you haven’t already gone through my free video training, this is a good place to start:

      For more info on how to have a new relationship with your Money Honey, go to My “7 Keys to Money Honey Chemistry” might be helpful for you.

      Warmest regards,

      P.S. When I feel anxious, I ask my Money Honey for advice on how to feel less anxious.

  17. Lorii Abela says:

    Definitely, love and need this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.

  18. Adam says:

    I totally agree with you. It’s important to ask and believe. That is needed. But to receive we must act. That doesn’t mean running around working 12 hour days (unless you want to) But jumping on opportunities, investing time in your self and business. Well said! I mention the same type of thing on my page How To Attract Money

    1. morgana says:

      Yes! I agree, Adam. 🙂

  19. Jimi Durso says:

    I have the same trouble as one of the other respondents: I’m not getting anything from my money honey. at first I was, but then financially things kept getting worse. Shortly after my Honey stopped communicating, and hasn’t said why. I’ve gone through the “slaying the money monster” process four times, and each time I seem to encounter more money difficulties, rather that improvements. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Jimi. I can’t know what you’re doing wrong either, because I’m not your coach. All I know is that you’re in the grips of your Money Monster, so a relationship with your Money Honey is out of the question.

      I see you’re on the list for my February 12 Q&A call. Please be sure to be on the call, and to raise your hand when I take questions.


  20. kanda says:

    What does it mean when your money honey tells you to do something that is against your values or is something you really dont want to do, or dont feel is correct and would be a waste of time?

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Kanda. I don’t know. I’d be suspicious of anything that’s against your values. That doesn’t sound like any Money Honey I’ve ever seen. As I share on the Financial Alchemy Affirmations page of my book, your new Money speaks to you for your highest good. If that’s not the case, I don’t think you’ve changed your relationship with money.


  21. Gail says:

    I love hearing all these stories and have a lovely Jude Law look alike MH – he is sexy and loving and smiles at me a lot but does not talk to me…can you suggest why?
    LOVE, Gail

  22. Bobbi says:


    I went through your ebook, identified my money monster and destroyed him. I knew he was gone–I felt the loss, fear and emptiness and was glad for it. But my money honey never appeared. I’ve called out to him numerous times, asking what I need to do for him to want to be with me, but I’ve not gotten any answers. No MH for me. This morning I am feeling hopeless again, so I know the monster is back. I know I have to start over, but did I miss a step the first time? When I try to visualize my MH, I consistently draw a blank. I cannot see him, or feel him or hear him. What now, please?

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Bobbi. That’s way too big a coaching question for me to be able to answer here! I see you’re registered for my April 1 group coaching call. Do everything you can to call in. (The call in information will go out a week before the call.) I can help you better if we can speak directly.


  23. Kirk says:

    Hi, the comment of Bobbi is so-o-o-o familiar-sounding! Like with all the people that say the MH don’t talk back. I could not visualise, nor feel anything about MH. Instead, I THOUGHT IT OUT. That was the best I could. Here’s what I did. Following Morgana’s steps. First – where. Thought of a city, streets. Ney. No appeal in this case. Thought of art gallery, museum, any art -place. Ney. (Wonder, how much of a fixed solidified believe there, that an interesting woman won’t get any closer with me in her conversations at a place like that then share a word or two say, on a painting, and would move her way …believe simply deducted out of my visits to places (and I do like going for arts)). But anyway, another no, not there. Thought of my favorite …Nature!, wilderness, beautiful ocean shore or mountains. Surprisingly… not that, again! Then for a moment, just crossed my mind like a little reminder from nowhere, thought of a train (when a boy …and later, I loved that mysticism (if I am allowed to bring such word) of being on a journey, on a far train, mainly “express” (with not so many stops) that I’ve spent endless hours, sometimes getting tired of watching out of the window, then reappearing …till there in a car of a train, on a hundreds-miles trip from A to B. BINGO! THAT WAS IT! The place was right!

  24. jonny says:

    Tithe, Sell something to the right people. Diapers to babies etc.

  25. DBS says:

    hi mam,
    now a days i am a jobless. what i can do to attract money and a job towards me? i have no idea for next months expenses. so plz guide me ASAP.

    1. morgana says:

      Hello DBS. That’s indeed a challenging and scary place to be. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free resources on my website, and make sure you opt in to my mailing list (my VIP list) to get alerted to my next free teleclass.

      Ruth was in a similar situation to you, and she had very rapid results. Take a look:‎

  26. Rokhaya says:

    Dear Morgana,
    I found my money honey , it’s my actual man but we are in a complicated realationship , he is really the love of my life i love him so much and i have been trough a lot for him but he naturally came as my money honey and i imagined him as i wish he really was with me , caring , affectionate , sweet , loving and it felt so real and so good that i strated crying , am i on the right path?

    I am really wondering because of the tears, because it felt so good and so amazing that i was moved and i cried but are the tears ok with the money honey thing ? please answer

    1. morgana says:

      Tears are awesome, Rokhaya.

      Warm regards,

  27. Rokhaya says:

    Thank you so much for answering Morgana thank you for your care , god bless!

  28. myra says:

    Hi mom I wanna ask something. When we have money easy come and easy gone..what will I do ..most of the time we do not have money or coins in my house or wallet

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Myra. That’s a challenging situation. My best recommendation is to encourage you to watch my free videos and dive into my process. As my friend Chris Howard taught me: the problem is never a lack of resources. It’s a lack of resourcefulness. Our goal is to restore you to your true resourcefulness, so that you can make–and keep–the money you need for the lifestyle you desire.


  29. jasbir says:

    hi Moragan ,
    it was so nice see all the good commnets..i am from India i am working in financial coompany as a senior manager asset sale working is not fetching me good client ..i am totally broke suggest wat to do.

  30. Al man says:

    You advise one “MUST talk to your money”

    I identified my money-monster to be my rich father. During adolescence there was always tension related to the money issue. So, when I intend to “talk with money” I feel approaching a FOGGY territory, full of anxiety , a menacing frontier, a war zone… all I feel is escaping out of there !

    Thus, money is subconsciously associated with tension. When you say “talk to money” , I try to visualize how my “Money-person” would seem like but no image comes ( despite my experience in meditation ), I feel a blockage.

    Morgana, how can I overcome this and relate or talk with money if I can´t figure out how it looks as a person? If I identify it by visualizing my -late- father, and later on, as you instruct, I come up with another image such as i.e. myself, question is if such dichotomy will remain in my subconscious ? How can I eradicate/vanish/disappear the father-money-monster and clear all the fog ?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Al. I have a 6 step process for personifying and CHANGING your relationship with money. Try starting with my free 4-part video series to uncover your Money Monster BEFORE you start talking to money. You’re experiencing the blockage because you’re still in a relationship with your the monster aspect of money.

      I also recommend you take a look at the entry level products I posted here:


      PS: our money monsters are never really our parents, no matter how monstrous our parents have been. But our monsters may have USED our parents to hurt us.

  31. dragon blaze Hack says:

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  32. Maria says:

    Want to learn mor.

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