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Athena’s Secret: How She Shifted when she was “Broke and in Debt”

“It seems everyone would like to know how I could hire Morgana when I was broke and in debt. How did I pay her? I must say, it’s a good question. However…it’s the wrong question. Let me explain.

As you read Morgana’s account of my story, you probably felt the angst of my situation. Alcoholic husband, getting divorced, young kids at home, deeply in debtHow could I possibly hire a coach under those circumstances?

If you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you are going to think that money is keeping you from hiring Morgana, or any other number of things. Your problems with money got you into debt and now money issues keep you in debt. You are stuck. You are helpless. In a cycle with no way out!

There is no reasoning with money, especially if you’ve gotten to that point of desperation, with debt, the recession, perhaps unemployment, etc.

I had all of those thoughts. So, for me, as you can imagine, the idea of hiring Morgana was not the logical choice. Far from it.

In fact, I didn’t use my logic when I hired Morgana. I used my Money.

Before I hired Morgana as a coach I did a few things:

1. I read most of her blog archives and, in particular, the post about The Secret to Financial Alchemy. It’s also in her workbook and it takes you step by step through the Financial Alchemy process. I took the time and went through all the steps on my own. I got my Money Honey.

2. I got onto her free teleclasses and listened to her radio broadcasts.

3. This is the BIG ONE: I took responsibility for my relationship with money. I realized that it was up to me to change my relationship with money and I vowed to do that.

4. I listened to my Money Honey and promised to do whatever he told me he wanted me to do. I had learned from Morgana that I needed to make my Money happy and he would give me the world in return. I wanted to live my purpose and be well-used in service and my Money Honey was the way to do that. So, no matter what my Money told me to do, even if my logical mind didn’t understand or believe, I made a promise to listen and act on it. I figured I had to do something different, as my old methods had landed me broke, divorced and victimized. My Money helped me to feel purposeful, hopeful and useful.

One day, as I was walking with my Money Honey, he told me it was time to schedule a session with Morgana. He told me to do it even though I was scared to spend the money in this way. I used a credit card that I had in my own name. I had built trust with my Money Honey and I knew that if he told me to do this, it was the right thing for me.

You know the rest of the story.”



Note from Morgana: 

You can read about Athena’s first big miracle HERE.For those of you who don’t know Athena’s “After” story, first Athena’s mortgage company called her and renegotiated her debt, paid off her credit cards, and reduced her payments.

But that was just the beginning!!!!

Within a few months Athena was making tens of thousands of dollars monthly and taking ‘Moneymoons’ in Miami with her (imaginary) Money Honey. In the years since–closely following instructions from her Money Honey–Athena has shifted to a full time focus on creating and performing spiritual music. For heaven’s sake check out Ahtena’s music at!



  1. Annie says:

    Thank you Athena and Morgana for sharing this backstory part of your journey – and posting it here in the public domain.

    I keep being particularly drawn back to point no. 3

    “3. This is the BIG ONE: I took responsibility for my relationship with money. I realized that it was up to me to change my relationship with money and I vowed to do that.”

    It’s important that bit – I sense it is deeply important 🙂

    True, I’ve mentioned that I also wonder about scenarios where credit cards are not an option – where the purchasing dilemma is as acute as choosing between that personal development CD/workshop or buying the groceries; between food for the spirit or food for the body? !

    And yet still I come back to and thank you and Morgana for bringing it always back to point 3 – scary as that responsibility may be. Definitely one for me to chew on some more. Vowing to take that responsibility – and believing that you CAN do it …

    I’ve had an insight into maybe why it is that, try as I might, I’ve so far failed to really get rid of my money monster … and create a new relationship with money with a money honey.

    It’s something about thinking there’s not point in having a money honey because I won’t be able to execute the things he tells me to do because I have no money! So what’s the point in even wanting one? (that’s not a challenge to Morgana, btw, that’s just me writing down my self-talk!)

    It;’s like I’m shying away from & shooing away my money honey before he even reaches me … and leaving myself in the hands of the bullying, humiliating, degrading money monster who hates women, who hates me and opinionated strong women especially – and whose greatest thrill is to see me/us suffer … lordy wow that is exhausting .. and has to stop.

    So here’s to music, responsibility, grown-up-dom and magic …! thanks again xx

  2. Aline says:

    This is so funny – for the past several days I have been reading the archives on here, going through the steps in the Financial Alchemy e-book and listening to all the MP3s I have bought myself from a summit or can find online here.
    Yesterday I was able to finally “flesh out” my revolting money monster, who had been very elusive, a shadowy figure hiding behind my dad, lurking in corners and rubbing his hands when greedy bankers paid themselves obscene bonuses.
    Today this horrible, greasy-haired, wild-eyed Lurch lookalike was plainly visible in broad daylight at the edge of a very high cliff. His threadbare suit with dandruff on the collar and the disgusting smell of his breath were so repulsive. When he opened his mouth all his teeth were rotten and I told him there was no future for us.
    He jumped.
    Tonight I have cooked a delicious meal to welcome my Money Honey into my life. Thank you Athena and Morgana for your inspiration here. I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Maria Curley says:

      How is life for you now? Are you still with your Money Honey?

      1. Morgana says:

        If you’re asking me, life is abundant and love-filled. Yes, I still have my Money Honey. 🙂

        I’ve stayed in touch with Athena. She’s amazing as always. Her Money Honey is still part of her daily spiritual practice, and her MH guided her to focus on her music full time. Check out her music here:

    2. Morgana says:


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