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Ask the Magic Question

A Magic Question is a question that gives you an answer that empowers you to move forward.

What we DON’T want to ask are questions like, “Why do I always F*** up?” or “Why can’t I get a boyfriend?” or “Why can’t I make money?”

The answers you get from those questions will NOT help you!  They’ll just validate what you don’t want. Ick!

I was having a great session with a client yesterday. Super amazing guy–successful in business, in love with his wife, utterly devoted to his kids, a budding world leader in commerce and philanthropy…  and he noticed that his “opportunity magnet” was slowing down in recent weeks, and he was battling negative thoughts and self doubt.

Why? Because he’s human. And that’s what we humans do.

So I decided to bring him back to reality, and back on the right track, with the sort of questions that are guaranteed to move any person forward.

Here are the questions I asked my client to ask himself, and share his responses with me:

1) What did I do to be so successful?

2) Why do people love to do business with me?

3) Why am I such a money magnet?

4) Why do great things always happen to me?

5) How did I become incredibly productive?

6) Why is my Money Honey so happy with me?

And here’s a secret: to make this exercise work, find what’s TRUE in each question. Focus on where you ARE successful, and why. Focus on the good things that DO happen to you and why…

Or leap ahead into the future, and ask your future successful self, what did you do to make yourself so successful…

Get the picture?


1) Contribute your responses to these questions in the comment box below.

2) Add more questions that are meaningful to you about health, romance, happiness, etc.

I think this could be really fun!

I know MY brain starts to fill in the blanks with really yummy responses when I think this way. Maybe I’ll post my own responses, too…

Namaste y’all,
Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae





P.S. I have a friend named Noah St. John, who has written a best selling book (and built a mega successful coaching business) around asking the right questions. He calls his system “afformations”–questions that spontaneously create self-fulfilling affirmations.

I want to give Noah a shout and some props here because I was thinking of Noah when these questions came to me.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...