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The Manifestation Magic of an Aligned Yes

Greetings from Bali! (I’m leading my 7th Money Goddess intensive here.)

Being here, flying first class to get here, calling in this group of amazing, exciting women of totally different backgrounds and talents to invest so much for the transformation I’m most passionate about… I can’t even begin to express how miraculous all this is.

And even while I’m here, before the my retreat begins, I’ve received a bunch messages from clients that have been pointing to one thing I don’t think I’ve really addressed here:


I’ve written before about the magic of saying no.

Saying no can feel terrifying to some of us empathic, caring types. And if you’re a high estrogen female, multiply that by 10x. And here’s a secret about saying no: Saying NO is saying YES.

Every time you say no to one thing, you’re saying yes to something else. And it is 100% impossible to say yes to something without saying no to a myriad of other options at the same time.

The question quickly becomes, “What is worth saying yes to?”

For example: saying yes to yourself. Saying yes to your truth. Saying yes to the business model and clients YOU really want. Saying yes to your right romantic partnership. Saying yes to your prosperity. Saying yes to your heart’s desire.

What will you have to say no to, to say yes to any one of these things?

Claiming a courageous, aligned YES! in spite of fear is a magical act of manifestation. Weird s*^&* happens when people claim their yes. Especially when we say yes to ourselves–our potential, our self-trust, our self-love, our commitment to our life vision.

Check out what happened when energy coach Jennifer Poulson (a Money Goddess retreat alumna and a favorite client) said yes to herself:

I have such huge admiration for every person who makes a huge, bold-ass YES in the face of naysayers, circumstances, fear, and a million other truly excellent excuses.

Saying yes to a bigger life. Saying yes to a smaller life (equally valid). Saying yes to intuition, courage, adventure, growth, God (or whatever you hold as your source of inspiration).

I’m extending this 7-Day Challenge to you:

What if Yes to Love was your only option?

What if you were ONLY allowed to do, have, and be what you love, and everything else  was off limits? This may sound all sweetness and light, but you’d be wise to not underestimate the spiritual challenge it poses.

Do you accept the challenge? If so post YES! below, and then come back and share your discoveries.

I can’t wait to read what you learn, and hear about what magical things happen for you.

To your Abundance and Prosperity!


















  1. matthew sweigart says:

    Not all sweetness and light at all! What to say yes to has been a core question in my practice for years now. Yet I’m not always cleared on the “aligned” piece. I’m often hit by the dilemma of choice. Having two choices, I choose neither and end up in a “choice by default” that leaves me a little lost. What’s alive in me is that it’s a challenge to recognize and grasp the reliable indicators that help me to know my yes is in alignment.

  2. Leisa says:


  3. Suzy McCalley says:

    Hell yes! To love, to living and dreaming in bright juicy technicolor, yes to pleasure, love, growth, adventure, confidence, strength, financial power and prowess ! Yes to consistent commitment to following and embodying The Goddess. Oh yeah. U better believe it 😉
    Oh yeah and really hot amazing sex !

  4. sandy says:

    Yes !!

  5. sandytweet says:


  6. Zarina says:

    YES to God, YES to LOVE, YES to happiness, peace, joy and gratitude. Thank you, thank you.
    YES to another lovely day – Zarina.

  7. Arlene says:

    Yes!!!! I’ve been praying & meditating for a tool, answers, guidance; so I can meet be my life up & out…

  8. marion says:


  9. marion says:

    Yes, I have been praying for financial prosperity, yes to love, yes to gratitude , joy and happiness.

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