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After Retreat Thoughts

My July retreat is complete. All the coaching is accomplished. All the monsters are slain. Every participant has a vision, strategy, and next steps. Most (if not all) these clients continue coaching with me and reuniting at the next retreat.

What made this particular retreat a little different

I held this Rich Witch Retreat in a client’s $10M house located smack in the middle of one of the world’s premiere golf courses/country clubs in Hailey, Idaho. (And yes, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his crew had dinner at the table next to ours in the Clubhouse on Night #2 of the retreat. Apparently he’s a neighbor.)

I was planning to hold the retreat at my house. Then I was going to hold it at a popular resort in Utah… and then a client invited to host the retreat. Since her house build had been a major topic in our coaching for the last 2 years, I had to say yes… just to see the finished house!

Here are some of the extra benefits of this year’s location choice

1) First of all, a change of location is an instant pattern interrupt: a new and unfamiliar location instantly activates your neurology and your neuro-plasticity: It is EASIER to form new connections and rewire your brain for positive change when we get away from home. That’s true for me every bit as much as this is true for my clients.

2) The location was HEAVEN. The mountains, the flowers, the trees, the birds, and the fresh air…it’s shocking. Words and photos cannot do the place justice. It’s easy to see why it’s the chosen holiday home of so many celebrities and billionaires.

3) Your environment creates your “normal.”  Being surrounded by big wealth normalizes it, changes your headspace, expands your state of being. The location was my partner in coaching. (I always look for that when I choose a destination retreat.)

WANT TO SEE MORE? I posted more photos HERE.

Definitely a nice added benefit to a very intimate, personal attention-driven coaching retreat.

Big, expansive, wealthy energy all round.

(Even Billionaire Camp is starting here in a few days.)

No surprise my clients have been leveling up to 7 and 8 figure incomes this year.

It occurred to me on this retreat that I am becoming the go-to spiritual coach for altruistic 1-percenters. As I look at my clients, they’re either there or on their way, even if they started at zero. (Never confuse your “before” picture with your destiny.) It’s just life and contribution on a bigger scale. 

Success starts on the inside. Slay the monster, and the money follows. Over and over again. Because it’s really NOT about the money. My work has never really been about money. It’s about expanding life, ease, and impact. Money exists to support love, lifestyle, and legacy.

What’s also interesting is how circumstances can turn on a dime.

Change happens at the speed of safety.

To be perfectly honest, I think the first half of this year was crap. For everybody. Drama, loss, anxiety, and ick.

And then it all flipped. You can feel it before you see it, but you do see it… in a text message or a phone call the moment the coaching session has ended. What the client wanted falls into her lap. Confirmation she’s on the right path. That’s what we saw this weekend. So exciting.

Quick recap:

  1. Travel is a pattern-interrupt that helps rewire your brain for change.
  2. Your environment creates your “normal.”
  3. Your “before” picture is not your destiny.
  4. Slay the monster, and the money follows.
  5. Change happens at the Speed of Safety.

It looks like everyone from this year’s retreat is planning to reunite for my winter Rich Witch Retreat back in Long Beach. We’ll see where next year’s summer retreat wants to happen…

Interested in this or one of my other coaching retreats or programs?

Your best next step is to fill out a coaching application here, and if I feel, from your responses, that we might be a good fit, we’ll schedule a conversation to look at what would work best for you.

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