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A New Kind of Collection Letter

It's a small world.

You wanna repel wealth? Let people owe you Money. You aren’t respecting them; you aren’t respecting yourself; and you’re sure not respecting Money! You can either be a caring and appreciative relationship partner to your wealth, or you can let other people disrespect your Money Honey.


My friend Gene LaNier shared a collection letter he wrote that’s been working like magic. (And not just for him–I passed it on to a friend who’s seeing results, too!) You’ll just love his approach…

Dear “Tom”:

I am happy to invite you to take part in an international drive to stamp out poverty, get rid of lingering debt and help put an end to the recession.

By sending me the payment of our invoice in the amount of $844.79 you will become a partner in this international endeavor.

Considering that a dollar turns over approximately six times, your payment will be immediately dispersed all over the country by our company. By the time each dollar has completed the turning over process, you will have helped someone pay his mortgage payment, car payment, credit card payment. You will have helped send a kid to college who will become a productive member of society and earn millions of dollars. Your investment will provide medical care for the aged and destitute. It will fund the generation of new construction that will get our economy rolling again and end the recession.

Do you see how important paying your invoice is? Think of all the people you will be helping. You will help stamp out poverty, restore the economy and end the recession.

Hurry Tom, we need to get this rolling and we are ready to move your investment into circulation.

Most sincerely,
Gene (If you’d like to tell Gene how much you liked his letter, contact him at

  1. Ioan says:

    It is funny but first time I read this I thought that giving your money to others is to disrespect your money. I know deep into my heart that when I help by giving up of my money they come back in other form a hundred fold. When I was living the times of my University, we have shared with my wife our last money with the poor beggars and suddenly the very next days we have been getting money from somewhere else. What makes me feeling better and get more is to not being attached to the outcome but rather enjoy the process as is.
    The more I expect something the less I get it, the more detached I am the more wonders happen to me. 🙂

    I have just wrote a story about this…

    Feel free to read and enjoy it at

  2. Jodie Surprise says:

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...