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Buy Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation
by Morgana Rae and receive ALL these wonderful free gifts

Morgana Rae
author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation

MORGANA RAE is an internationally acclaimed life coach, speaker and author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. Widely regarded to be the world’s top Relationship with Money Coach, she has been featured on ABC-TV, PBS, NPR, FOX News Radio, United Press International and The Wall Street Journal online, and is frequently a featured expert on programs with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, John Assaraf and T Harv Eker. Named one of 2012’s Top Women in E-commerce by WE Magazine, Morgana has guided thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, healers and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose, attract more than they chase, and make things happen with ease, flow and synchronicity.

As a special thank-you for buying her book Financial Alchemy, Morgana would like to give you these spectacular gifts:

  1. Over 4 hours of MP3 audio from her 3-part Telesummit “Money, Love & Magic!” with 11 world-renowned experts on magic and manifestation.
  2. PLUS a LIVE online class with Morgana where she will personally teach you how to use the book Financial Alchemy to get the very best results (and you get to ask her your questions, too!).
  3. PLUS�Morgana has some extra-special gifts for everyone who buys 20 or more copies of Financial Alchemy to give to friends, clients or colleagues. CLICK HERE to find out how you can receive a 1-on-1 strategy session, Morgana’s Financial Alchemy Academy coaching program and more.

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Your bonus gift from Lynn Serafinn
Free eBook: Why Nice People HATE Marketing

Why do so many sensitive, creative people struggle with marketing and selling? If you’ve ever hated marketing, but thought it was some sort of “failure” on your part, you’ll be relieved to know it’s NOT your fault. In this generous 68-page excerpt from international #1 business ethics bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing, author Lynn Serafinn shares her wisdom and insight into the real reasons why “nice” people often hate marketing, and how they can change the world simply by changing the rules.

LYNN SERAFINN, MAED CPPC is an award-winning coach & teacher, marketing consultant and author of the number one bestseller The 7 Graces of Marketing: How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell. As a consultant for authors and social entrepreneurs, she has created #1 bestselling marketing campaigns for a long list of self-help and mind-body-spirit authors. Lynn is also the Founder of the 7 Graces Project, a budding social enterprise whose aim is to help grow a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs who want to serve both people and planet through innovative, ethical, independent enterprise.

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Your bonus gift from Bob Doyle
The Breathe Centering Meditation

In just 7 minutes, you can relaim your day with Bob Doyle’s “Breathe” Centering Meditation. Our lives are filled with distractions that fragment our thinking and take us OUT of the present – which is the only place we can really ever get anything done! This powerful audio experience directly alters your state of consciousness so that you bring your focus and energy into the moment, making you your most effective!

Bob Doyle is the CEO of Boundless Living, Inc., and author of the #1 Best-selling book Follow Your Passion – Find Your Power. Since 2002, Bob has been teaching principles of Living Life by Design utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction. His Wealth Beyond Reason program has long been recognized as one of the most complete and usable online curriculums in the Law of Attraction, and earned him a spot as a teacher in the film and book The Secret.

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Your bonus gift from Chris Howard
Transformational Leader & Coach Certification Video Training Series

In this special gift from Chris, you’ll receive instant access to his 4-part video series to help you become a transformational leader and powerful coach. You’ll learn the most cutting-edge strategies and tools for rapidly creating wealth: physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, plus Chris’ “Insider Secrets” for rapidly transforming your business into one that is wildly profitable, and much more.

Internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist, Christopher Howard is a best-selling author, prominent speaker and the CEO and founder of The Academy of Wealth and Achievement, and CEO of The Million Dollar Mastermind. He has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe create the wealth and engineer the lifestyle they truly desire. As a social entrepreneur, Chris Howard has made a philanthropic impact in Peru, South Africa, Cambodia, Mongolia and other developing nations.

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Your bonus gift from Noah St. John
Noah St. John’s 60-Second iAfform Stress Buster

AFFORMATIONS are empowering questions that change your life. iAfform Audios are downloadable MP3 audios that inject money-attracting thoughts directly into your subconscious, while destroying money-killing beliefs. Listen to this 60-Second iAfform Stress Buster any time, anywhere. Many of Noah’s clients even use iAfform Audios while they sleep!

Noah St. John, recognized worldwide as “The Abundant Lifestyle Authority”, is the inventor of Afformations, best-selling author, and creator of The Inner Game of Success training programs. Noah delivers high-impact, customized strategies that enable entrepreneurs to achieve unprecedented growth. More than 250,000 people in over 50 countries have experienced Noah�s breakthrough training methods. Noah has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS,, Parade, and The Washington Post.

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Your bonus gift from Mali Apple & Joe Dunn
Mantras for Making Love

Mantras for Making Love is a 17-minute mp3 of soul-opening mantras and affirmations that will inspire you to create a space for profound intimacy. By using these heart and soul opening statements, you will infuse your lovemaking with more connection, more passion, and more pleasure.

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships won a 2012 International Book Awards Gold Medal and a 2012 Living Now Awards Silver Medal. Mali and Joe host the popular Soulmate Experience community on Facebook, where tens of thousands of people come together to share ideas about love and relationships every day.

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Your bonus gift from Cynthia Kersey
“Unstoppable Success” � Free MP3 and PDF Transcription

Download the MP3 recording and transcript to hear Cynthia Kersey interviewing Craig Kielburger, Founder of Free the Children. Be inspired by the amazing story of how a 12-year old boy started a movement that impacted millions of children and attracted global thought leaders such as Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama & Oprah Winfrey.

Recognized as a leader in the transformational industry, Cynthia Kersey is a speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women, which have sold over 500,000 copies in 17 languages. She is also a columnist and contributing editor to Success Magazine, and Chief Humanitarian Officer of the Unstoppable Foundation, which has funded 37 primary schools in Africa, and provided over 15,000 people with the resources to break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable communities.

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Your bonus gift from Jeffery Van Dyk
Intuitive Money Magic

Have you spent your life chasing money without learning the magic of flowing with it? In this special video course gift you’ll discover how to “turn on” the power of your intuition and tap into the “intelligence” of money � where the right things start falling into your lap, wonderful business deals appear with consistent serendipity, and money flows with ease.

Jeffrey Van Dyk is an international leader in the conscious business movement & founder of The Expansion Lab. He helps entrepreneurs & business leaders discover how to use their intuition in the face of everyday business challenges, so they can achieve far greater wealth & success with magical ease. Jeffrey has spoken on numerous stages around the world, trained 1000s of people in his work, and has worked with such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, & Ariel Sharon.

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Your bonus gift from Debra Poneman
Free MP3 – The Effortless Path to True Success and Happiness

This 90 minute presentation recorded live at Chris and Janet Attwood’s Discovery Your Destiny Weekend contains priceless knowledge of how to align with your higher self, live in a state of grace and simply let go as your path unfolds effortlessly before you and you enjoy success and happiness that is deeply fulfilling – and never goes away.

After spending the decade of 70’s with great masters of the east in deep meditation and silence for months at a time, Debra was introduced to the Law of Attraction. Captivated by this concept, she immersed herself in the knowledge of masters of western metaphysical thought like Napoleon Hill and Emmett Fox and founded Yes to Success Seminars in 1981. These powerful seminars have transformed the lives of thousands around the globe as Debra teaches how true and lasting success is really created.

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Your bonus gift from Debbie Bermont
How To Break Down Your Barriers To Success With A 10 Mindset

In this e-book “How To Be A 10 Mindset” you will learn how to remove all the mental barriers to your success, wipe out your fears and have 100% confidence to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy with a 10 Mindset! Also included is a mini 5 day e-course on “Setting the space to receive wealth in your life”

Debbie Bermont is Author of Outrageous Business Growth — The Fast Track To Explosive Sales In Any Economy. As a business growth strategist and transformational agent, Debbie combines her 28 years of marketing expertise with her 17 years experience as an energy worker to help clients break down their barriers to success and grow their business exponentially.

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Your bonus gift from Cari Murphy
Refine and Expand your Approach to Success

Success Generating Mindset Secrets Teleclass MP3, Heavenly Inspiration to Nourish Your Soul E-Book, 14 Days to Creating Lasting Change in Your Life E-Book

Soul Success Coach, Empowerment Mentor, Award-winning author of 5 books, including the bestseller Create Change Now, International Talk Radio Host (500k listeners) & Founder of Empowerment Coaching Solutions. Cari Murphy inspires her clients & audiences to expand the horizons of their imagination, unleash their greatest potential and create pathways to unlimited abundance.

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Your bonus gift from Gail Lynne Goodwin
The 7 Success Interviews

FREE AUDIO! Be inspired by 7 amazing Inspirational Luminaries, including Sir Richard Branson and Jack Canfield, as they share their stories and life secrets with you, including tips for creating abundance, improving your business, health and relationships.

Gail Lynne Goodwin is the Ambassador of Inspiration and founder of Inspire Me Today, a website that provides free inspiration daily to members in more than 180 countries. As a published author and radio host, she’s interviewed hundreds of world-renowned Luminaries, including Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Tony Hseih, Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Mariel Hemingway and Guy Laliberte.

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Your bonus gift from Eva Gregory
Your Feel Good Guide to Prosperity Package

Have you longed for, dreamed of, or wished for more prosperity in your life? Regardless of the nature of your search, it all comes down to wanting to have a more joyful life experience. Prosperity is available to everyone and it�s available right now.In The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity E-Book, Workbook & Audio, you’ll learn how anyone regardless of their current situation can be more prosperous!

Eva Gregory is a master coach, speaker and author. She has instructed thousands on how to create a life deliberately using the Law of Attraction. As co-host of her own radio shows, she has interviewed some of the most influential thought leaders today. Her newest book, co-authored with Jack Canfield, is entitled Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction.

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Your bonus gift from Alicia Power
Soul Workout – 6 month video course

5 minute videos every week that train you to talk directly to your soul. The video course teaches you to ‘soul program’ practical weekly goals from your soul’s needs, you’ll learn to brainstorm with your soul about your life, and ultimately to love your deepest self. You will get to know your own soul and commune with it so it feels loved and understood. The result: Soul Satisfaction and Joy!

After 3 decades training in spiritual mastery, Alicia Power deeply activates your soul while informing your logic. Her international tele-coaching events, books and videos are sought after for their interesting perspective on love, god � and the spirit world. Alicia is an advanced Auric Healer, intuitive and former journalist.

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Your bonus gift from Allison Maslan
60 day free subscription to The Interactive Life Coach

Interactive Life Coach� Business and Goal Planning System�will help you design your winning plan for every aspect of your life, business/career, relationship, wealth, spiritual, health and personal fulfilment. Stay motivated with our one-of-a-kind Life-O-Meter and Interactive Life Coach practices. Now you have access to your very own success coach… anytime… anywhere.�

Allison Maslan is the CEO of Allison Maslan International, a Global Business Mentoring Company. Recently named “One of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire” by Self Made Magazine and� No. 1 Best Selling Author of the book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality, she has built ten successful companies from the ground up and mentors entrepreneurs to do the same.

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Your bonus gift from Christine Kloser
Transformational Author Audio Training Classes

2 one-hour Transformational Author audio training classes from Christine Kloser and Lisa Nichols…for Aspiring Authors – for those who are Ready To Write Your Transformational Book, Step Into Your Greatness As A Writer And Let Your Voice Be Heard

Three-time award winning author and “Transformation Catalyst”, Christine Kloser specializes in training authors and entrepreneurs to write, publish and market their transformational books so they can make a positive difference with their message. She is the creator of the Transformational Author Experience, Transformational Author Mastermind Program, and the Get Your Book Done program.

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Your bonus gift from Suzie Cheel
Allowing Abundance

Allowing Abundance: Are You Looking For More Abundance In Your Life? Allowing Abundance will help you do that.The Allowing Abundance ecourse helps you start to create the life you desire through listening to your heart’s whispers. If you are feeling blocked in any area of your life you can use these 3 simple tools to break through and get started today on allowing the abundance to flow into your life + 3 abundance quotes with intuitive inspirational paintings.

Suzie Cheel, aka Abundance Queen is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator & Trainer, Abundance & Vision Board Coach, Intuitive Artist, Inspirational Author Web TV host. Suzie inspires and empowers people who are held back by lack, fear and self-doubt, shows them new ways to discover the abundance in their lives by listening to their heart’s whispers.

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Your bonus gift from Suzanne Monroe
The 14 Best Tips for Attracting High Paying Clients

Would you like to be able to attract clients that you love to work with AND who are ready and willing to pay you high prices for your services? This Free Gift will guide you through 14 simple steps you can take to attract these clients in your Holistic Business.Included in this valuable gift is a Word-for-Word Script on Authentically Closing the Sale you can start using right away.

Suzanne Monroe is the Founder & CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals. She helps holistic entrepreneurs , coaches and other conscious entrepreneurs who struggle with the business side of following their passion and helps them attract clients, get good at marketing themselves and earn money so that they can keep doing what they love and help more people.

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Your bonus gift from Dr. Joe Rubino
Acclaimed TV Video, Self-Esteem Mini-Course and Success Club

In this hard hitting, insightful hour long television interview, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world’s leading life optimization coaches and experts on self-esteem elevation speaks about the secrets to creating one�s best life. You�ll also receive a free audio “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” and free Success Club Membership.

Dr. Joe Rubino, author of The Self-Esteem Book, and one of the world�s foremost experts on self-esteem elevation for adults and children. He is an acclaimed personal development trainer, life-changing success & life-optimization coach & best-selling author of 12 books in 24 languages.

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Your bonus gift from Tina M. Games
Creating Vision Boards Using New Moon Energy

In this special report, creativity coach and life purpose intuitive Tina Games will show you how to design an authentic vision through a creative, intuitive process of collecting images during the powerful energy of a new moon. The new moon phase is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and “reboots” of universal energy. Tap into the wisdom of our lunar goddess as you map out a new money vision.

Tina M. Games is the author of Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery. As a certified creativity coach and life purpose intuitive, she is the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Based on the phases of the moon, Tina’s unique work gently guides women from darkness to light.

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Your bonus gift from Callie Carling
Open Sesame : Pep Up Your Prosperity Pocket

Open Sesame! Open up your playfull heart and creative mind, the time is now to invite prosperity and abundance into your life. Discover how to pep up your very own Prosperity Pocket, allow yourself to go with the flow and manifest a perfectly abundant Life. (eBook)

Callie Carling is a Playfull Genie Facilitator – as a trainer, writer, creativity coach & mentor with boundless energy, she is devoted to helping people cherish and tickle their playfull self in all aspects of their lives using power transformation tricks and tools to help them achieve flow, abundance and prosperity.

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Your bonus gift from Julia Rogers Hamrick
Vibrational Management Basics: How to Embrace Your Emotions for Higher Vibrational Frequency

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to reach the level of vibration necessary for experiencing abundance, joy, and manifesting all your desires. You’ll understand what to do to embrace�not stuff-your emotions, and dissolve the ones you’ve stuffed in the past, to free your energy to flow and move you higher on the vibrational scale where the realities you’re a match for are ones you’ll love!

Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Choosing Easy World, and spiritual teacher since 1983, is a pioneer in teaching that our vibrational frequency determines our experience of life. Julia is devoted to helping humanity learn to leave struggle behind and experience ease, joy, and effortless abundance by opting into high-vibe Easy World, the original reality matrix in which we are designed to thrive.

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Your bonus gift from Kathi Casey
Top Twelve Stress Busters

Top Twelve Stress Busters – an information packed special report from Kathi Casey, The Healthy Boomer Body Expert. Twelve simple techniques that easily fit into your busy schedule and don�t cost a penny – a must have in today’s fast paced world! Also included are 4 downloadable MP3’s of Kathi’s guided relaxation meditations. These calming meditations will help you drift off to restful sleep!

Kathi Casey, “The Healthy Boomer Body Expert” is a renowned health coach, Amazon international bestselling author, popular speaker and has appeared on Fox 23, ABC-8 Evening News, produces her own TV show, ‘To Your Health”. Kathi’s columns/blogs appear in South Shore Senior News, Boomers Forever, Boomer-Living, More Magazine, Life After 50, and she is the founder of the Healthy Boomer Body Center.

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Your bonus gift from Krystalya Marie�
Secrets for Having Peak Performance Energy, Audio Program

Increase Your Energy for Having Peak Performance and Stamina! Learn how your body�s energy system works, how blocks in your energy system deplete your energy & best of all how you can free up your energy, remove the blocks & have Peak Energy with a one-minute energy tune-up. Also receive a free copy of ‘The Empowered Spirit News’ where you will learn the Secrets to greater health and happiness.

Krystalya Marie�, created the One-Minute Energy Tune-Up, after healing a golf ball size lump in her breast with a healing symbol during one brief session. Since then she has been creating symbols for healing all types of ailments helping thousands of people around the world with these healing symbols.

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Your bonus gift from Oya Thomas
LOVE (radio edit)- Oya’s single from debut CD SPIRIT OF OYA

The soulful independent artist Oya Thomas highly anticipated new single “LOVE” is now available on iTunes. “Love” is an up tempo thankful salute to the tales of life with the guidance of love. It is a heartfelt tribute to the divine beauty of the world as felt through the Spirit of Oya. Love is one of 10 tracks from her recently released debut album “Spirit of Oya”.

Harmony, energy and the divine beauty of the world are all channeled through the artistry of soulful Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, actress and musical mentor Oya Thomas. In her recordings and engaging performances, she uses her voice as an instrument to weave textured stories and melodies that vibrate with the transformative power of music.

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Your bonus gift from Chaney Weiner
Achieve Financial Freedom

Free online training event on how to effectively use your current situation to achieve financial freedom.

Chaney Weiner is a sought after authority on human potential and personal development. He is the founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential, an organization dedicated to empowering people worldwide in all seven areas of life by helping them discover their hidden brilliance and uniqueness based on what is most important to them.

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Your bonus gift from Gill Potter
Tune into your Moon and then manifest your wildest dreams!

Make your wildest dreams come true in 2012/13 and beyond by working in harmony with the natural cycle of life using the Moon! Tune into your Moon and then start manifesting with the lunar cycles to create more abundance and joy in your life! Handbook, audio guides and workbook all included!

Gill Potter is the author of Sacred Paths Entwined and a transformation coach. She works with clients – mainly women entrepreneurs – who want to up-level their business and know more about their mission, life path and purpose. She offers VIP days, webinar classes,seminars and retreats to help clients align their business dream with their mission successfully!

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Your bonus gift from Connie Nash
Get the answers to your burning questions about the Law of Attraction in this downloadable MP3 audio interview.

Based on her teachings around experiencing greater success with the law of attraction, Connie’s offering you a�downloadable MP3 audio of an interview where she answers your burning questions about the law of attraction. If you are wondering why your life is the way it is and want to learn how to work in harmony with the Universe, this is a must listen!

Connie Nash is a coach, author and teacher of Universal laws and principles and is known by many as the “Law of Attraction Success Queen”. She helps people heal their hearts, connect to their divine purpose and love themselves unconditionally while feeling safe to be their authentic self. Connie�is the author of How to Create your Life: A Law of Attraction Success Guide.

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Your bonus gift from Brenda MacIntyre
7 Secret Steps to Your Sacred Path to Prosperity

7 day mini-course designed especially for women who want to fulfill their purpose. 7 emails plus 7 audios and healing songs.

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre is a Canadian Native American healer, spiritual business mentor, and Juno (Canadian Grammies) award-winning singer. She specializes in helping spirit-led women entrepreneurs to express themselves fully and birth their voice, gifts and power through their business, for more fulfillment, prosperity and impact.

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Your bonus gift from Jackie Lapin
Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifesting

BECOME A BETTER, FASTER MANIFESTOR and Increase Your Wealth and Abundance! Learn how to apply Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation Principles on a daily basis using the wisdom from Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires. Grab your free download of the Wealth and Prosperity chapter of Jackie Lapin�s Practical Conscious Creation now!

Jackie Lapin is a writer, speaker and visionary educating and uniting the planet’s people to manifest a better, healthier more peaceful and joyful world. She is revealing to humanity its ultimate power for global transformation. Author of The Art of Conscious Creation and Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifesting Your Desires.

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Your bonus gift from Stephanie Rainbow Bell
ALIGN & SHINE Your Greatness 21-Day E-Course

ALIGN & SHINE Your Greatness with this E-course delivered daily to your Inbox for 21 Days. You have an Inner Brilliance that shines its brightest when you feel powerful, inspired, encouraged and motivated. You’ll receive daily messages to create a positive mindset and align you with your highest and best self so that you can manifest exactly what you really want in your life now.

If you feel stressed, depressed or pissed off about your bank account, body, career or relationships, Stephanie Rainbow Bell will get you back into alignment with your Divine Greatness. A best-selling Author, inspiring Speaker and respected Mentor/Coach, Stephanie re-connects you with your inherent Brilliance so you can stop struggling and get on with manifesting your heart’s desires.

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Your bonus gift from Michelle Manning-Kogler
Quantum Soul Clearing Meditation and Chapter of Book

The Quantum Soul Clearing Meditation prepares you for the first step of the three-step Quantum Soul Clearing Process, by connecting you with your Divine Core Center. Plus a free sneak-peek chapter of Michelle’s book, Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul.

Michelle Manning-Kogler is Spiritual Soul Healer, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Bio-Energetic Practitioner, Co-Host of The Quantum Magic Hour on Awakened Radio, and Founder of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process. She is the author of Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul and contributor to two additional books.

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Your bonus gift from Ton de Graaf
Building Stress Tolerance

9 Exercises to Handle Bad Events and Stressful Situations Without “Falling Apart”.

Ton is one of the very few coaches in the world who is designated by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches as a Chartered Business Coach� (ChBC�). He is an expert in enhancing leadership and coaching skills. He earned his ‘flying wings’ as General Manager of a London based executive coaching firm and as Executive, Business and Life coach trainer with the ICA in Australia.

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Your bonus gift from Carl Bozeman
Ebook: “Are You Listening � Addressing the Divine Within”

Carl’s free gift to you is a copy of his latest E-book Are You Listening � Addressing the Divine Within when you sign up for his periodic e-zine. The discovery of the non-egoic “self” is the way to discovering the divine that has always been within. Finding YOU exceeds any idea or accomplishment you will achieve in life.

Carl is the author of the bestselling book: On being God � Beyond Your Life’s Purpose. His message challenges us to discover our limiting beliefs and behaviors and to get YOU out of your mind and into knowing that “YOU” are the creative center of the universe.

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Your bonus gift from Lisa Marie Rosati
How To Create Your Goddess Life Recipe eWorkbook

For centuries women just like you have taken a back seat to everyone else…stifled their dreams…and felt guilty for wanting more. At your fingertips is a step-by-step blueprint to your full Goddess Power.

The Queen of telling it like it is, Lisa Marie Rosati is a Inner Goddess Catalyst for women. A passionate entrepreneur, mentor, holistic health expert and international best-selling author, Lisa knows how to cultivate a woman’s divine feminine magic. A spiritual healer through herbalism, Ayurveda, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, yoga and aromatherapy, Lisa uses her skills to transform lives.

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Your bonus gift from Jean Adrienne Miller
Subscription To InnerSpeak Cards Online

You can now clear your own blocks to conscious creation with the online version of Jean Adrienne’s InnerSpeak Cards. This automated web tool is powerful yet easy to use. In moments you can release old programs and limiting beliefs that keep you from having what you want in your life

Jean Adrienne is the creator of InnerSpeak, a breakthrough coaching tool for karma clearing. She’s the author of 4 books and a talk radio host.

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Your bonus gift from Cat Williford
Decode Your Body’s Messages for Love, Health & Happiness!

MP3 guided meditation & worksheet combo. The worksheet provides basic principles of the body’s energy patterns. The meditation guides listeners to decode the real messages in their aches, pains, sprains; diagnosis, hot flashes & weight gain. Impact: Discover what your body really wants, how it shares wisdom, and develop a partnership with it. Bonus Impact: Greater Health, Self-Love & Success.

Cat Williford, founder of The Modern Goddess and author of the upcoming book, The Ovarian Chronicles: Learning to Listen to Your Body as if Your Life Depends On It, has been coaching women for eighteen years. Cat’s clients go from defeating self-criticism and being at war with their body to experiencing self-love & acceptance, as they create a peaceful partnership with their body.

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Your bonus gift from Lisa Dorey
Heal Your Blocks to Receiving

This MP3 is a wonderful healing in the form of a guided meditation. In this healing, let the Archangels and the Divine Feminine lead you to meet “Money” and let go of your blocks, so you can receive abundance into your life.

Lisa is a gifted healer who connects with your soul and brings you into the light. Through powerful, yet incredibly beautiful guided meditations, she “sees” right into your soul and gently clears your emotional blocks so you can reconnect to your natural state of light. She specialises in clearing blocks to abundance, identifying and releasing the issues held at a cellular level in your body.

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Your bonus gift from Barbara Schiffman
Life Energy Tune-Up Workbook & “Life Balance 101” mp3

This exclusive “Financial Alchemy” bonus contains two empowering tools to help you balance and energize every part of your life — body, mind, heart and soul — from the inside out: Barbara Schiffman’s “Life Energy Tune Up Workbook” (pdf)and her podcast “Life Balance 101” (mp3).�Use the coupon code “ALCHEMY” at checkout to download both for free.

Barbara Schiffman is a Life & Soul Coach, Hypnotherapist and Akashic Records Healing Practitioner/Teacher. Her writings on life balance and personal evolution appear in Vision Magazine and books like 2012: Creating Your Own Shift. She helps spiritual seekers create balance while enjoying their lives and evolving their souls.

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Your bonus gift from Paula Tarrant
Transformation Made Easy� Success Kit

Transition is the catalyst for inner and outer Transformation. Learn how to move gracefully from struggle, fear & self-doubt into the ease and flow of inspiration & clarity of purpose. Live the authentic life you long for. Design creative, spirit rich work that you love. Includes: Mp3 Audio “7 Secrets To Gracefully Move From Transition To Soul Satisfying Transformation”, “Discover Your Purpose” Report + MORE!

Paula Tarrant shows women how the Alchemy of Transition can be a catalyst for designing the authentic, deeply connected life they long to live. As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, she teaches and guides women who are navigating transition how to tap into their deepest spiritual, creative and authentic longings so they can live more creatively, do work they love, and leave a legacy of meaning and accomplishment.

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Your bonus gift from Usha Sharma
Create Prosperity With Guided Mantra Meditation

Create prosperity by meditating on the sacred healing sounds of the Sanskrit mantra for abundance and light, Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha. Listen to this MP3 for 30 consecutive days and raise your vibration to what is possible for you. Ask yourself, “What opportunities are opening up for me right now?” The universal flow is offering itself to you in each moment. This will help to tune you in.

Usha Rani Sharma is the Director of the Divine Life Institute, dedicated to inspiring spiritual awakening around the globe. Celebrating the spiritual heritages of India, England and the United States, she spreads the message of unity in diversity. Usha has helped thousands find meaningful work and create prosperity through her published guides, meditations and coaching programs.

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Your bonus gift from Eric Van Der Hope
Niche Sourcing: An *Exclusive* Supplemental

Many marketers completely �miss the boat� on this critical element while they try to explain how to set up a business. Furthermore, they are doing YOU an injustice by not including this within their teaching! This eBook: Niche Sourcing: An *Exclusive* Supplemental to The Niche Sourcing Blueprint, will provide critical information needed for business. Learn it – then USE IT! :)

Eric V. Van Der Hope is the President & Founder of an independent publishing & book marketing company specializing in Book Launch Marketing. Eric is the #1 International bestselling Author of Mastering Niche Marketing and is a Book Marketing Mentor and Coach for Writers, Authors & Publishers teaching how to navigate through personalized Book Launch Campaigns.

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Your bonus gift from Tami Gulland
Conversations with Angels: Inspirations to Uplift Your Heart

Angels are available 24/7 to support you in your business and life. In this special ebook excerpt, Tami Gulland, reveals how the love and guidance from Archangels and Masters helped her share her Divine gifts and create a flourishing business, and how they can help you, too. Angels will bolster your confidence, help you make decisions with ease and take inspired action, knowing you are not alone.

Tami Gulland is a Spiritual Business Coach and Founder of She works with high-achieving coaches, consultants & heart-centered practitioners to build confidence, compelling marketing messages and transformational programs with the support of their Higher Guidance – their Angels and Divine Team. Tami is the author of two books & co-author of Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield.

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Your bonus gift from Nova Wightman
Emotional Mastery: 8 Keys to Feeling Good No Matter What

This MP3 download is packed full of powerful and practical tools to help you effectively manage your thoughts, emotions and energy. Emotions are at the core of every experience you have ever had and ever will have; learning and applying these tools will help you to not only navigate your way through the challenging times with more ease, but will also help you to create more of what you really want

Nova Wightman, owner and operator of Go Within Life Coaching, is a certified professional coach as well as a Conversations With God Life Coach on Neale Donald Walsch’s team. Providing individual and group coaching as well as delivering teleclasses and workshops, Nova helps the ready and willing individual create and live consciously and joyfully, living in alignment with who they really are.

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Your bonus gift from Matthew Cox
Free Excerpt from Complete Peace of Mind Training

In this 18 minute recording by Matthew C Cox, you’ll hear a story about PTSD, angels, and an almost unbelievable series of synchronicities.

Matthew has studied how to have and maintain Peace of Mind his entire life. His unique and varied experiences have allowed him to develop a Peace of Mind message that he shares through recordings, printed material, and live events.

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Your bonus gift from Cindie Chavez
Meditation for Attracting Love

Meditation for Attracting Love mp3 download�a beautiful and relaxing meditation that will help you to release your blocks to finding true love so that you glow with your own inner love light which is so very attractive! 20-minute guided meditation with gorgeous music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Cindie Chavez is a Relationship Expert and Certified Life Coach who uses her proprietary systems, The Peaceful Power Process� and Love Chemistry Kit�,to create magical results in the lives and relationships of her clients.

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Your bonus gift from Sheryl Cox
Beings & Doings Coloring Sheets

These Coloring Sheets introduce Beings & Doings, a story of creation that teaches of being love, joy, peace, and light �to adults and children alike.

Sheryl lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her family. They work together to bring a message of Peace to the World. The name, Sheryl Rae, literally means Sharing Light. She shares light and peace with the world through writing and photography.

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Your bonus gift from Dr. Huesan Tran
#1 Wealth Secret Backs & Wall Street Don’t Want You To Know

Millions of people are waking up to realize their decades of hard earned money & retirement nest egg evaporated in a snap when banks, Wall Street & real estate market collapsed. This audio will uncover the 3 common myths & the #1 mistake why people keep losing money over & over again and unable to retire. You�ll be financially enlightened with wealth secrets to transform your financial destiny.

Dr. Huesan Tran is an international author/speaker integrating energy healing into business, finance, and economics to transform the old paradigm into a New Paradise. Her thought leadership on spirituality & wealth topics guides leaders, business owners and professionals to find clarity and direction to thrive in the new economy and create wealth with divine purpose and mission.

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Your bonus gift from Shawngela Pierce
Guided meditation mp3 for sleep

Sleep is important for your health. While you sleep, your brain is hard at work forming the pathways necessary for learning, creating memories and new insights. Without enough sleep, you can’t focus, pay attention or respond quickly. Lack of sleep may even cause mood problems.� This guided meditation can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Shawngela Pierce has studied the art of yoga, meditation and qigong (Chinese moving meditation) for over 10 years. She has a Master’s degree in education & uses her skills to counsel others in personal and professional development. Ms. Pierce is an author, instructor & owns a meditation for health business to teach others how to tap into their own innate power to heal themselves.

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