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Alchemy is the art of Transformation: turning leaden human experience into spiritual - and material - gold.
Money is like any other relationship; it comes where it's invited and appreciated. It rarely comes when it's chased.
There's no magic in neutrality.
Sometimes Money expresses love by challenging you to be bigger and more creative than you see yourself.
When your life is full of settling, you aren't leaving room for what you really want.
When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart.
–Morgana Rae

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way…

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    • “I love the money monster work.I felt my force, and then the money honey coming there, and since then, I’ve really felt a peace within myself. There is no competition, all of seven of us, including Morgana, beautiful, complex, and yet simple female creatures who all… I’ve never actually… How to say this in English? I’ve never actually… I didn’t want to say encountered, but lived through, felt, the sisterhood, just, there’s no jealousy, there’s no one trampling, the other person. Just feeling safe, feeling really safe, and feeling how wonderful it feels to feel safe, and to feel safe really, really profoundly within myself.
      Oh, the investment was really the best investment I guess I’ve ever made or done, and it’s nothing once you’ve done it.”

      Tamar Baruch
      Tamar Baruch,
    • We spoke in 2009 when I felt desperate. You had a way of breaking down the stupid things in my head that were preventing me from success. Today I’m a successful owner of my own online marketing agency and have tremendous freedom. Certainly a dramatic change from when we spoke 8yrs ago. And your book is amazing, helped tremendously.

      Matt Deloff
      Matt Deloff,
    • When I retired in 2016 and went to Bali with you, I never thought of the long-term implications. I did lots of other travel, including South Africa with Naam Yoga. Each time I took the freedom off of work, I came back to better teaching positions. Whether I was long/term substitute teaching for a photography or agriculture class or now beginning another resource specialist position in Port Hueneme at double the price, most teachers are making.

      Caren Rich
      Caren Rich
    • “Morgana-Right you are! I hired you at one of the bleakest economic times in my career. And it was worth every penny I invested. I learned a ton and am back on track. I think it was worth the leap of faith.”

      Traci Maddox
      Traci Maddox, author and coach
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