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A stranger called me a liar. I screen captured my client’s response.

In early January I posted a screenshot of a client’s text message to social media because her transformation was so dramatic.

My client Suzie is a massage therapist. I will share her full name eventually, when her “before” picture is farther in her past. (As she mentions below, she has a child, and I don’t want to ever post anything that could jeopardize her custody.)

After watching her struggle financially for years, I said, “Enough!” and we booked a single coaching session to slay her money monster and set her up with a real, new relationship with money, that we call her “Money Honey.”

This was her update 6 months later, letting me know about her progress. (And no, I don’t know why she refers to me in the third person in the first line. I just captured the message as is.

Almost immediately another massage therapist accused me of being a liar. Of course! Because people committed to scarcity and adversity will fight for it, right?

A few days ago I heard from client Suzie again. She made her goal and broker her first $1,000 day!!!! (Actually, it grew to $1150 by the end of the day.)

I told Suzie about the woman who called me a liar, asked her what I should have said in reponse.

Suzie’s answer was, well, colorful, to put it mildly. And so entertaining (and informative) I had to screen shot it again.



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