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Mentorship Path

Mentorship Path

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You own (or want to own) your own business.
  • You are a coach, healer, author, artist, holistic practitioner or enlightened entrepreneur…
  • You want your business to generate 6-figures or more.
  • You want to be recognized and respected as a leading expert.
  • You want to attract an unending stream of ideal clients clamoring to hire you.
  • You want to carve many years–and hundreds of thousands of dollars–off your learning curve.
  • You want to have fun, help people, and be paid very, very well to do what you love.

***The Mentorship Path is where I work with you directly on the Inner and Outer Strategies for
Manifesting Big Money.

Get Coached By Morgana

For many years I coached HUNDREDS of clients a year, privately.

I don’t do that any more. I’ve changed my focus to work with only four private mentorship clients I can indulge and focus on deeply. (Applications for that program are available in the next section on this page.)

But there’s been a HUGE demand for coaching with me–dozens of requests every week.

So I created a small, semi-private, group coaching program, for those of you who really want to be coached by me, and get my PERSONAL GUIDANCE, ATTENTION, and LASER COACHING.

This is the EASIEST ENTRY POINT to my Mentorship Path.

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What makes this program SPECIAL and DIFFERENT from anything else I do:

  • EVERY person who calls in on our coaching days will get a turn on the “coaching seat.”
  • You get access to a PRIVATE Facebook group to get your questions answered IN BETWEEN coaching calls.
  • And you get my On Line Virtual Training curriculum as a BONUS.

Preview the program here: http://www.MoneyHoney90.com


Private Mentorship

My “Big Money, Magic, & Marketing” Mentorship Program

There comes a time when you’ve gone as far as you can on your own.

You realize it’s too expensive to keep figuring stuff out on your own.

I’ve already spent many years, many mistakes, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars out of my own pocket… to learn the secrets that can carve those same years and dollars off of your own learning curve.

I take UP TO FOUR private mentorship clients each year. I usually have a waiting list. This is what we do together:

  • Eradicate your “Money Monster”
  • Establish a solid relationship with your new “Money Honey”
  • Brand your Business
  • Develop your product Funnel
  • Build an online Marketing Strategy to get KNOWN as an international EXPERT
  • Attract your dream clients… who pay you well
  • Destroy unconscious decisions that have limited your success
  • Install WINNING STRATEGIES for love, money, health and happiness

I only offer mentorship to candidates who are READY for the biggest breakthrough of their life.

If you BELIEVE in Yourself and your Contribution…

And you FEEL the time is NOW to fulfill go for you dreams…

And your COMMITMENT is BIGGER than your fears…

Then click on the application form below. I will personally review your responses, and contact you for an interview if I feel we’re a good match and a coaching spot is available.

Your information is held in confidence and will not be shared with any other company.

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VIP Club

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...